CPA/Attorney as a Newbie Investor

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My husband and I are finally making the leap and plan to invest in 1-3 properties this year, with a similar plan for future years. I would like to have our team in place and business set-up ahead of time. We have had simple tax returns in the past so I've always done them through Turbo Tax. With starting to invest in real estate, we plan to go the LLC route though would like to talk through our goals and big picture with an attorney/CPA. We aren't quite sure the best avenue to take - start with an attorney? CPA? someone that can do both? Also, location - we currently live in Hawaii, will be moving to WA by the end of this year and then plan to move to OR when my husband retires from the military in 2023. And advice and guidance would be much appreciated!!

My CPA is Brandyn Cox with BMCaccounting, he is an Army vet who specializes in business/REI taxes. I'd be happy to connect you if you'd like. Are you looking to invest in Oahu? I have a pretty large network out there I could introduce you too if you'd like!

@Beth Wade

Investing in Hawaii = you are betting on future appreciation, not so much cash-flow
Investing outside of Hawaii(Depending on where) = you are likely betting on cash-flow, potentially appreciation(not guaranteed)

If you live in Hawaii and invest out of state - you are required to file a non-resident return in the state where you own the property unless that state does not have a state income tax.