Tax implications (Living Trust Vs LLC)

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Good afternoon any help with the following question will be appreciated.

What are the tax implications of the following Scenario:

A series LLC owns and controls several series (Each series own real property).

a. This series LLC pays taxes as a partnership (properties and gains do not appear on the individual schedule E, only K1)

b. This series LLC files taxes as a disregarded entity because it was placed inside a living trust. The trust files a 1041 and any distributions are also filed under the trustees K1 section.

@Cesar Bugarin

In scenario A you have a partnership structure with two or more members of LLC. In scenario B you are suggesting the Trust be the sole member, in which case the LLC is disregarded entity for income tax purposes. What you should also consider is the type of trust. To have a a Trust issue a K-1, needs to be a non grantor Trust, which has separate implications than grantor Trust. You should speak to tax advisors. Also consider potential state income tax filings and beneficiaries, and how cash flow will be distributed during life of asset and post sale. All discussions to be had with tax advisors.