Legal Help Seller Ripped Off the Porch Before Closing

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Hello! I am looking for some legal advice here. 

I recently was under contract on a house, the seller had an existing inspection report from a buyer who recently had it under contract. My real estate agent was unaware of the inspection report and the agent stated they buyers walked away because they ultimately wanted another bathroom (no mention of inspection that was already performed). After our offer was accepted, we went to call for an inspection and they urged us to wait because there were a few repairs that needed to be completed. (ok we are reasonable go ahead and do some repairs.) We wait 10 days, still under contract, and call for our inspection. The agent sent out their contractor to meet our inspector! (first strike). Then AFTER our inspection she mentioned she had one from a previous buyer which was the exact same report that we just received. It included a lot of serious structural damage. We were weary but still interested in the location. We tried to negotiate for something lower due to all the repairs that needed to be done. (no luck) We show up the day before closing and the contractor has ripped off the back of the porch to "repair" a beam. We obviously backed out at this point and want to know if we should take them to small claims court to get back all of our fees, inspection, appraisal, deposits etc. As of now they have not returned anything. 

Any ideas, any real estate law experts out there that can give me some advice.