We recently purchased a fixer home in a beach town on the Oregon Coast. Recently painted every square inch on the inside getting ready for all new windows. Window company started installing windows and was stopped and sited by the CCB for not testing for lead and having the proper paper work on hand. The window company never told us about the positive lead test and proceeded to finish the job. After spending a weekend with my wife and to kids we noticed nail gun holes around every window in the drywall, ceiling, and new vinyl floor. The holes were for hanging plastic inside and outside to prevent lead dust getting out. With the failure to tell us about lead and all the damage left behind. What is a reasonable solution for the window company to handle this. How would any of you BP people’s deal with this if it was your family investment. We haven’t paid the bill yet and are waiting for them to offer a resolution.

2. Last question is regarding future projects. I’m leaning towards painting the exterior myself so paint contractor doesn’t get a visit from the CCB and we will be renting it out as a short term rental in the future. Is there any concerns of home owner doing there own painting and prep of old lead based paint, mainly from a city code violation threat. And am I obligated to declare lead paint for guest or renting it out for short term rental. Thank you for any stories or advice in this matter