Looking for Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

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Hello everyone

I recently signed up with BP Pro Membership after being an avid listener for over 8 years. I am a former owner of a multi-family in the Meriden CT area. I have since sold that property and moved back to NY where I bought a co-op in Westchester County. I am currently looking for opportunities to invest out of state and build a portfolio. I am looking to connect with local Real Estate Agents and Property Managers in purchasing properties in their respective areas. The states I am currently looking are FL, VA GA, NC, TX, but I am also open to other states that have opportunities. I am also looking to relocated so finding a deal that allows me to live in is something I am keeping an eye out for. It is great to be part of an investment group to collaborate with individuals who have similar interest. I look forward to connecting and doing business with you.


@Ceasar Rosas I relocated back to NY and also the property I had needed work that I was not willing to invest in. It was a good starter property and learning experience but I think the house was too old for the needed upgrades so I decided to let it go at a loss. 

Manchester is a great area for investment, Bristol is always good for the ESPN employees. I use to work for them.