I received an email the other day from a pretty successful guru showing his followers how to wholesale lease options nationwide just as I teach my students. Wholesaling Lease Options allows you to go into any market anywhere any time and it works great.

In today’s world everyone gets things done by using the tools found on the internet and I think that’s great but being old school in a lot of ways I tend to try to keep it simple where ever I can and I encourage my students to do the same. Anyway this guru is obviously very accomplished when it comes to working the internet and was showing how to find markets in other cities to work. It was absolutely amazing how he pulled up charts and identified neighborhoods and price breaks and all sorts of great stuff. About an hour later he called it quits and announced that the target market had now been identified, qualified, charted and color coded.

Now for those of you that like spending an hour identifying, qualifying, charting and color coding things I say go for it. Me personally, I just call a Realtor in the area I want to work and get him/her to tell me the area price ranges and where the pretty houses are. It takes about ten minutes and the Realtor gets to do all the work.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s the easy way. You got that right! All I want to know is where the lease option prospects are and you can’t do it any easier than asking a Realtor that knows the area. Add to that that I’m now making a friend in the area that might let me get access to his/her MLS so I can go after these properties. Hey, I’m all for modern technology but I’m also lazy so I tend to look for the easiest and fastest way to get things done.

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