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Depth of Commercial Funding from Construction Loans to $5MM Business Loans!

What's Closing Now!

This shows the breadth and depth of the funding we have available.....

$1.8 Million SBA Construction Loan

This was a construction loan for a dentist building out a building for his growing practice. You say, "sounds like an easy deal", yet multiple banks failed to deliver the closing to him so he turned to us. We got him an SBA construction loan with excellent rates! We Have SBA CONSTRUCTION LOANS UP TO 90% Loan to Cost (LTC)!!!! That's right-90%! We have non-SBA construction money up to 75% LTC. Why does that matter? Banks have scaled back on the leverage they are lending and are either not doing construction at all or doing it no higher than 65% LTC. We can get approvals at least 10% higher-that can make all the difference in getting these funded. IF YOU HAVE A CONSTRUCTION LOAN YOU ARE TRYING TO PLACE, CALL THE EXPERTS. We have funded over 10 construction loans so far this year even with COVID!

$1.4 Million BUSINESS ONLY Purchase of a Liquor Store

We can do large business only loans with NO REAL ESTATE up to $5 Million dollars. Most banks will not go above $500,000 in what they call "Goodwill". That is the value of the cash flow of the business-often 3-5 times net profits. If that number is greater than $500,000 many banks will pass on that loan EVEN SBA. We can get them done up to $5 Million as evidenced by this funding last week. WHEN YOU HAVE A BUSINESS LOAN, CALL THE BUSINESS EXPERTS. We have closed over 10 Business only loans so far this year with at LEAST 10 more slated before year-end! When it comes to commercial or business loans-we are the place to go. SBA, CONSTRUCTION, ALTERNATIVE, PRIVATE MONEY, STATED INCOME, we have it all!
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