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The Expanding Man (or Woman)

Of the tips I sent this year, this one seemed to have the highest impact.

As we prepare for 2021, I want to share it again and challenge you to

expand into next year...

The expanding man does not limit himself

He does not give in to fear... for fear limits

He does not feed the fires of hate... for hate limits

He does not envy... for that puts a limit on him

He does not boast... his actions do the talking

He does not have time to criticize... he is too busy doing

Instead.... He expands...

He loves hard... for love is limitless

He thinks positive... you become what you think about

He sees opportunity everywhere... for opportunity abounds

He is not constricted by money.... for he lives on the creative plane where there is no lack

He works hard

He plays hard

He ignores the haters... his expansion always brings out the haters

He embraces change.. for change brings opportunities

He lives in a world where there are no limits...he looks at life with childlike wonder

And gives thanks to the Lord above for all his blessings.

This is the expanding man....or this you?

Love deeply my friends...

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