Seeking Southern Delaware Wholesaler/Scrappy Realtor for Flips

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Looking for Southern Delaware Wholesaler/Scrappy Realtor. Already have some large multifamily in area.

Have cash/local crews/experience & financing. Looking for 30-50 mile radius of Millsboro. Prefer small single family homes. Not scared of basket cases. Will list flip w/realtor that brings deal. Any & all help appreciated

Hello. I am from Wilmington Delaware, and can defiantly provide you with some deals around here. I am a newbie and still looking for my first deal. I am looking to jv on my first flip and I have a few properties in mind, using the bigger pockets calculator profit should be at least 35k or more. One of the properties is actually in my neighborhood, listed for 180k and last house that sold in here sold for 360k. My dad is also a general contractor and roofer along with 3 of my uncles.If you would be interested in working together please email me at [email protected] or my number is 302-553-1081. I am also looking for a mentor and willing to pay a reasonable price.