We sold our fourth rehabbed home and out fifth rehab is almost ready to market for sale. Also ready to buy next venture.

I thank all those who interacted with us and were interested. in learning our process / journey from funding, syndication, rehabbing and marketing.

Due to Covid-19 it derailed us in the previous rehab process for others to learning from our rehab as it was on site only.

But we are getting ready now with ZOOM and are buying our next venture, so we should be ready for it virtually too.

If anyone wants to interact with us on ZOOM or come to our rehab site, we would like you to connect us. Like always in the past, there is no fee for exchange of ideas.

We are still looking for more for wholesalers, Realtor, Funding sources, Attorneys etc.  

We aspire to follow Roof stock, House Union etc in a small way as a cooperative