I once had a professional tenant that took 11 months to remove. When I finally got them out, they had punched through every cabinet door and broke everything they possibly could in the house out of pure spite. All in all, I lost $25,000 on them.

I’m sick of the BS. I’m sick of the 3am phone calls about clogged toilets or burnt-out light bulbs. I’m sick of the constant maintenance and repair costs — last year it was a plumbing problem, this year it’s the furnace, next year it’ll be the roof.

Which says nothing of growing anti-landlord regulation in the US.

My partner Deni and I are switching gears to land investing. No tenants, no repairs, no regulation.

And far less competition. With housing prices soaring, we’re looking at lots that cost a few thousand dollars, rather than rental properties that cost a few hundred thousand dollars.

Here’s an awesome case study on how one employee reached financial independence with land and quit his day job within 18 months. He followed a very specific strategy involving delinquent tax sales — if you want to follow the same blueprint check out this land investing course.

Scott earns 200-300% returns on his land investments. No exaggeration. Far cry from the 7-10% that you’re lucky to earn with rental properties!

Have you ever invested in land? What did you learn along the way, and how did it go?