Hi BP family,

Just as the title says, I am looking on partnering on my next deal as a joint venture. To be more specific, I am interested on a property that came up in my pipeline to buy, hold and brrrr and wondering if anyone is looking for the same. The property is a 3/2, almost 1,300 sqft worth about 120k within my same state of Florida. I am currently working with a hard money lender that is available to put the deal together for us since my cash is tied up on my first closing. We can talk through the numbers if you are interested.

A bit about myself: After months of looking for the right deal, I am finally closing on my first investment property as I mentioned this month. I can’t say enough how excited I am to be on this investment journey. Property is another 3/2 with almost 1,300 sqft located in the same city as the one I am interested in. My goal is to continue to brrr single families eventually replace my W2 income within a relatively short timeframe.

Feel free to contact me directly or ask any questions. I am a new investor so any suggestions are also welcomed!

Thank you,