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SBA 504 Cheaper than Conventional Financing

SBA goodies are back! All SBA guarantee fees will be waived through 9/30/21. This makes SBA loans just as cheap as conventional. In fact, 504 loans are FAR cheaper than conventional with blended rates usually in the 3's! Also, all loans closed after 2/1/21 will get 6 months of free Principle and Interest paid for by the SBA. This will only last until the $3.5 Billion allotted to this gets used up so if you are thinking of buying an owner occupied property or business, buying out a partner, getting some working capital for growth, now is the time to get moving. WE HAVE AGGRESSIVE LENDERS THAT ARE NOT BACKED UP WITH PPP LOANS AND CAN GET YOUR SBA DEALS CLOSED. Call me today to see if YOU can take advantage of these unbelievable benefits. So call me today at 512-354-5949 or get started by completing this form.

Anything Can Happen!

I'm not sure if this statement has ever been truer than right now. Things could go great....Biden can come in, not shut down the economy, pump more stimulus in, stocks keep going up and business finally catches up to the market. That could happen. I hope it does-2019 when the market was doing well AND business was doing well and everything was rolling before Covid was my best year. So hopefully goldilocks happens again. Hope for the best.

However, the opposite could happen. Government intervention could do more harm than good. The stock market, rallying for awhile despite obvious weaknesses in small business  and employment, could correct. The world could decide to dump our debt because we are so divided, which would be cataclysmic in it's repercussions ushering in another great recession or even worse....anything can happen. You and I can NOT control it. Period. Worrying about it won't do any good since you can not control it. All you can do is control your thoughts and actions. AS A MOM of 2, I NEED TO MAKE SURE I AM PROVIDING FOR MY FAMILY NOW AND IN CASE OF A MAJOR DISRUPTION. In other words, HOPE for the best, but PREPARE for the worst. That is the smart play for businessman and individual alike. If you are responsible for the financial well being of  a spouse, kids, employees or even your own retirement-you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

What is the worst?
A great recession/depression type of scenario where the big bundles of securities get crushed. Low, cheap rates and credit has spurred on all of this growth-what happens if that corrects hard. I suggest you look to  the past, as history repeats itself. What if we have a great recession type of crash like 2008? That was the last real crash (last year was technically a crash but it was government engineered and not structural like 2008). What did YOUR business do in 2008/2009? What happened, and what steps can you take today to be more prepared, IF, and only IF, it happens again.

Guys, I am NOT a doom and gloomier. I love life, I endeavor to thrive no matter what getsthrown at me. I am also not stupid. Bad things do happen. A little thought to the worst that can happen and a few simple plans to prepare just in case  will help you SAIL through a bad time IF IT COMES. With a little thought, you can rest easy knowing you will be OK, NO MATTER WHAT! Give it some thought, you'll be glad you did!!!

Karen Schimpf
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