Seeking an individual that would be interested in making great returns on short term private lending.

-Secured by the property

-Short term in and out 6-12months

-Double digit interest rate payout

-Lending with experienced property investor

-Inside tools (I am a licensed real estate agent) allows for accurate comps in that specific property area

-2-10 deals a month, depending on market and lender expectations

-equity already built in (property is undervalued at purchase by 30% to 55%. Meaning lender funds already secured 100%+ if property project failed at 100%.

-Over 10 years experience investing in real estate without failure (may provide proof and track records)

We are in a position to scale up and seeking only private lenders at this time.

Please do not reply if you are a hard money lender or a company that provides loans.

Seeking a long term partnership to build trust and of course profit for all of us!

Contact me for more information the market hasn’t been better then now!

[email protected]