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Discussion Last Post Replies Last Activity
Several properties in Jackson, Ms. BRRRR method and financing av
Christy Osterkamp Last post by Christy Osterkamp, 3 days ago
Christy Osterkamp Christy Osterkamp 2 3 days Jump to last post
Rare West Cleveland, OH multi-unit Rental Property For Sale
Kishore Mokada Last post by Kishore Mokada, 10 days ago
Kishore Mokada Kishore Mokada 7 10 days Jump to last post
Cashflowing Triplex Property
Jason Ray Richardson Last post by Jason Ray Richardson, 11 days ago
Jason Ray Richardson Jason Ray Richardson 2 11 days Jump to last post
Cash flowing SFR in Florida 8% CAP
Chris Graeve Last post by Chris Graeve, 13 days ago
Chris Graeve Chris Graeve 3 13 days Jump to last post
deal alert! rental property in northwest houston, partner needed
Axel Norvell Last post by Axel Norvell, 19 days ago
Axel Norvell Axel Norvell 5 19 days Jump to last post
Chattanooga investment properties
Darren Looker Last post by Darren Looker, 19 days ago
Darren Looker Darren Looker 5 19 days Jump to last post
Price Correction -Fort Valley University Rental
Felicia Hamilton Last post by Felicia Hamilton, 27 days ago
Felicia Hamilton Felicia Hamilton 6 27 days Jump to last post
Fix and Flip in Jacksonville Florida- looking for JV partner
Kyle Jensen Last post by Kyle Jensen, 29 days ago
Kyle Jensen Kyle Jensen 25 29 days Jump to last post
Fix and Flip in Daytona Beach FL- looking for JV partner
Dustin Rose Last post by Dustin Rose, 29 days ago
Dustin Rose Dustin Rose 20 29 days Jump to last post
Flip Opportunity in Big Bear
Claudia Velazquez Last post by Claudia Velazquez, about 1 month ago
Claudia Velazquez Claudia Velazquez 1 about 1 month Jump to last post
Wyoming Single Family | Best as Fix & Flip | $99k
Mark Pixley Last post by Mark Pixley, about 1 month ago
Mark Pixley Mark Pixley 5 about 1 month Jump to last post
Knoxville, TN Home Package
Steve Frye Last post by Steve Frye, about 1 month ago
Steve Frye Steve Frye 3 about 1 month Jump to last post
SOLD - REO for Sale - Hibbing, MN - $21,000 - $35,000 BPO
Tracy Z. Rewey Last post by Tracy Z. Rewey, about 2 months ago
Tracy Z. Rewey Tracy Z. Rewey 1 about 2 months Jump to last post
Davenport Ia Duplex available, great for cash flow
Grace P. Last post by Grace P., 2 months ago
Grace P. Grace P. 1 2 months Jump to last post
Opportunity to Scrape & Rebuild in Golden, Colorado (Assignment)
Dustin Burke Last post by Dustin Burke, 2 months ago
Dustin Burke Dustin Burke 2 2 months Jump to last post
Townhome in Grovetown, Ga. For sale- Near Ft. Gordon
Brian Yang Last post by Brian Yang, 2 months ago
Brian Yang Brian Yang 1 2 months Jump to last post
Dayton OH 4 Single Families - Need Rehab *Can Sell Individually*
Brian Lloyd Last post by Brian Lloyd, 2 months ago
Brian Lloyd Brian Lloyd 4 2 months Jump to last post
North Carolina Properties
Micah Dison Last post by Micah Dison, 3 months ago
Micah Dison Micah Dison 2 3 months Jump to last post
SFR | Havelock, NC | 3+2 | PRICE REDUCED!
Eli Poesnecker Last post by Eli Poesnecker, 3 months ago
Eli Poesnecker Eli Poesnecker 6 3 months Jump to last post
Multiple rental properties for sale in Junction City KS
Julian Ford Last post by Julian Ford, 3 months ago
Julian Ford Julian Ford 1 3 months Jump to last post
To be built 4 plexes - Cypress, TX
Steve Olson Last post by Steve Olson, 3 months ago
Steve Olson Steve Olson 4 3 months Jump to last post
Washington DC Flip in Hot Riggs Park.
Douglas Harris Last post by Douglas Harris, 3 months ago
Douglas Harris Douglas Harris 8 3 months Jump to last post
Bradley IL - Subject to deal
Nick Schumacher Last post by Nick Schumacher, 3 months ago
Nick Schumacher Nick Schumacher 1 3 months Jump to last post
Excellent Wholesale Opportunity in Prime Midlothian Location
David Brow Last post by David Brow, 3 months ago
David Brow David Brow 4 3 months Jump to last post
4 - Plex (Salem, OR) on Valuable Corner - $355K
Joseph Young Last post by Joseph Young, 3 months ago
Joseph Young Joseph Young 3 3 months Jump to last post

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