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Discussion Last Post Replies Last Activity
Cash Flowing Fort Worth Duplex
Jason L. Last post by Jason L., 22 days ago
Jason L. Jason L. 3 22 days Jump to last post
Cash flowing Duplex in Milwaukee over 20% CapRate
Adanna Davis Last post by Adanna Davis, about 1 month ago
Adanna Davis Adanna Davis 8 about 1 month Jump to last post
Duplex For Sale near Gig Harbor WA 115k!!!
Brian Petersen Last post by Brian Petersen, 3 months ago
Brian Petersen Brian Petersen 3 3 months Jump to last post
Davenport Ia Duplex available, great for cash flow
Grace P. Last post by Grace P., 5 months ago
Grace P. Grace P. 1 5 months Jump to last post
Multifamily - 3 Duplexes (6 doors) FOR SALE - MidTown!!
Tarek Saad Last post by Tarek Saad, 8 months ago
Tarek Saad Tarek Saad 3 8 months Jump to last post
Kansas City Duplex partially rehabbed with lots of upside
Eric SyCip Last post by Eric SyCip, 8 months ago
Eric SyCip Eric SyCip 2 8 months Jump to last post
ChaJuana Calhoun Last post by ChaJuana Calhoun, 8 months ago
ChaJuana Calhoun ChaJuana Calhoun 2 8 months Jump to last post
Brick 2 Unit in Chicago (Woodlawn) on Double Lot - Asking 65K
Kathryn Wenzel Last post by Kathryn Wenzel, 9 months ago
Kathryn Wenzel Kathryn Wenzel 1 9 months Jump to last post
2-Family for Sale in Bristol, CT
Anthony Dadlani Last post by Anthony Dadlani, 9 months ago
Anthony Dadlani Anthony Dadlani 3 9 months Jump to last post
15% CAP Indy West Side 2 Story Duplex!
Matt Walker Last post by Matt Walker, 9 months ago
Matt Walker Matt Walker 5 9 months Jump to last post
Duplex priced for sale!! ROI 28%. Don't miss out!
Chinedu Michael Onuoha Last post by Chinedu Michael Onuoha, 10 months ago
Chinedu Michael Onuoha Chinedu Michael Onuoha 4 10 months Jump to last post
Investment Opportunity - Duplex under $200,000 in Las Vegas
Brad Bellstedt Last post by Brad Bellstedt, 10 months ago
Brad Bellstedt Brad Bellstedt 7 10 months Jump to last post
Detroit Duplex For Sale
Chad Skop Last post by Chad Skop, 10 months ago
Chad Skop Chad Skop 9 10 months Jump to last post
Univ. of South Carolina Area Duplex; 100% Leased till June 2020
Andrew R. Lucas Last post by Andrew R. Lucas, 10 months ago
Andrew R. Lucas Andrew R. Lucas 1 10 months Jump to last post
Bates-Hendricks Property Wholesale Deal
Ben G. Last post by Ben G., 10 months ago
Ben G. Ben G. 1 10 months Jump to last post
Duplex Rental for Sale!
Mason Smith Last post by Mason Smith, 10 months ago
Mason Smith Mason Smith 9 10 months Jump to last post
Cash Flowing Duplex in Indianapolis / Irvington
Ed Neu Last post by Ed Neu, 10 months ago
Ed Neu Ed Neu 2 10 months Jump to last post
Collect $1,114/month - 2 Unit Duplex in Akron!
Todd Keith Last post by Todd Keith, 10 months ago
Todd Keith Todd Keith 2 10 months Jump to last post
Duplex in Jacksonville, NC
Jason Pabon Last post by Jason Pabon, 10 months ago
Jason Pabon Jason Pabon 0 10 months Jump to last post
Parma Double. New mechanicals!!!! RENT READY
Federico Gutierrez Last post by Federico Gutierrez, 10 months ago
Federico Gutierrez Federico Gutierrez 0 10 months Jump to last post
Charles Frederick Last post by Charles Frederick, 10 months ago
Charles Frederick Charles Frederick 1 10 months Jump to last post
Off market, Turnkey, Cash flowing Duplex for sale
Benjamin Dodd Last post by Benjamin Dodd, 10 months ago
Benjamin Dodd Benjamin Dodd 3 10 months Jump to last post
Student Housing For Sale
Will Eagles Last post by Will Eagles, 10 months ago
Will Eagles Will Eagles 1 10 months Jump to last post
Off Market DFW (Mesquite) Duplex
Elizabeth Goff Last post by Elizabeth Goff, 10 months ago
Elizabeth Goff Elizabeth Goff 3 10 months Jump to last post
CASHFLOWING Duplex for $59,500 Cleveland Ohio 15% CAP
Ram Navan Last post by Ram Navan, 10 months ago
Ram Navan Ram Navan 3 10 months Jump to last post

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