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Investment Property Funding
Does anyone know of a lender that is lending against investment properties? I am looking to purchase a duplex in the Hampton Roads area and need to secure financing.
Anyone know of an Arizona Lender that does "condo-tel" loans?
I am looking for potential financing of a condo-tel type property.  Does anyone have any experience with a good lender that provides these types of loans?
Construction Loan Lenders
We are looking to purchase a foreclosed home that needs renovations to use as a primary residence. What lenders on BiggerPockets can do a one-time close construction loan? We are already working with two lenders but,... View more
Looking for best refinance Mortgage broker - california
Hello everyone, I recently refinanced in oct my primary mortgage ($640k) in orange county california to 2.75% , 30 year fixed conventional with excellent credit and documented income. I got an offer to refinance again... View more
Looking for a lender for an FHA mortgage in Bronx NY.
Currently evaluating lenders for an FHA mortgage in Bronx, NY. I have been preapproved, the seller accepted my offer, and the inspection is complete. Moving pretty quickly here.
Need financing for restaurant bldg leased to national brand in GA
OK, I finally pulled the trigger and going for the purchase of a restaurant of a national brand in Atlanta MSA GA. Following are the pertinent details. One of the posts suggested using the following template to explain... View more
Looking for Cash-Out Refi
Hi all, I currently have a rental property that I own free and clear. I am looking for recommendations for a lender that can do the following; 1. Cash-Out Refi product 2. Ability to do a Cash-Out Refi with less than 1... View more
HELOC Lender needed for Arizona SFR investment property
I'm looking for a lender to assist with doing a HELOC in AZ. Details: Purchased an SFR investment in AZ for about $202,000. Comps are showing it's now worth around $260,000. I only put 10% down, so the total equity is... View more
Looking for a Lender in the Raleigh-Durham area!
Good afternoon BP! I am a newer investor in the Raleigh/Durham area, and am looking for an investor-friendly lender to partner with. I plan to purchase 2-5 properties next year, and hope to continue this trend through... View more
Mortgage Lenders Advice Needed! Primary Residence loan
I am going through a terrible closing experience on a new primary residence and want to see what I can do to improve my tax structure to eliminate this issue. A quick run down on my financials and see if any mortgage... View more
Pittsburgh Area Lender Recommendations
Anyone have a recommendation for a lender in the Pittsburgh area? I'm looking to house hack my first property so an FHA loan is an option, but I'd also like to get some recommendations for portfolio lenders as well.... View more
Need a second for a 1 & 2, $950k, 90% ltv heloc
Need 90% LTV, $350k. Seeking a second for a 1 & 2 on a primary purchase, $950k in North Carolina. Credit: 724 let me know if you know of a heloc program that will go to 10%
Loan in Alabama for Real Estate Portfolio
I am looking at purchasing a portfolio with an 8 unit apartment building along with 9 single family homes. I am hoping to find a local lender or portfolio lender that would be open to financing the whole thing. My... View more
Lending for Mobile Home Park
Anyone out there lend on or know of anyone who would lend on a mobile home park?  Would be interested in an existing or a development.  Any insight on what those terms would look like?  Thank you!
financing/Lender for Ohio Investment Property
Hollo, I am looking for investor friendly financing for a SFH property in Cleveland Heights, OH. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!Prop: $110K or less > 15% Down
Looking for Lender on a MHP in West Virginia
MHP: 90+ Pads, $4MM Purchase, with about $200K in Rehab. Need about $3.2MM Loan total for 5 year money at about 25-30year amortization. PM me if you can helpThanks,Jason
Looking for Mortgage Lender recommendations - Gilbert, AZ
Aloha everyone, I recently closed on a SFH in Gilbert, AZ. I used a lender that was not the best. My purpose with this purchase was to buy a SFH to rent now and live in later when I move out there and switch to full... View more
Looking for Refinance options in New York
Have a property in New York. Last I checked it was worth $800k have roughly $400k in equity. Would like to review best options to use capital towards other projects.
Looking for Lenders in NC
I am looking for lenders to refinance couple of SFRs in Durham, NC area from hard money to conventional. Please let me know if you have something. Thanks! CC @Anup Shah  
Seeking Commercial Line of Credit Leveraging $450k in equity
Based out of PA and CA . Currently have $450k of real estate in PA owned with no liens. Also have an additional $150k in equity on other properties. Looking to leverage the equity towards a line of credit. This line... View more
Seeking line of credit for land owned in Indiana
Based out of NY and FL. Currently have 250k worth of land in Indiana owned with no liens. Looking to leverage the equity towards a line of credit. This line will be used for expansion and operations.