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Historic Triplex - Coming Soon 17% Cap Rate
William M. Last post by William M., about 14 hours ago
William M. William M. 8 about 14 hours Jump to last post
Unique Opportunity in Central VA
Evan Jarvis Last post by Evan Jarvis, 3 days ago
Evan Jarvis Evan Jarvis 0 3 days Jump to last post
3unit being used as AirBnB rentals minutes from Wrigley Field
Robert Goldberg Last post by Robert Goldberg, 3 days ago
Robert Goldberg Robert Goldberg 4 3 days Jump to last post
1238 W. Allegheny Ave Philadelphia PA Wholesale Deal
Christine Virata Last post by Christine Virata, 3 days ago
Christine Virata Christine Virata 4 3 days Jump to last post
For Sale! Fully Renovated 3 Family Home in Newark!
Shawn Chaconas Last post by Shawn Chaconas, 3 days ago
Shawn Chaconas Shawn Chaconas 0 3 days Jump to last post
Off Market Deal Near GU
Jeff Hornberger Last post by Jeff Hornberger, 5 days ago
Jeff Hornberger Jeff Hornberger 0 5 days Jump to last post
6/3 Triplex Home in Forest Hill Cleveland for only $10,500
Daniel DiGalbo Last post by Daniel DiGalbo, 7 days ago
Daniel DiGalbo Daniel DiGalbo 6 7 days Jump to last post
South Bronx 3-Family House (Off-Market)
Desmond Moulton Last post by Desmond Moulton, 8 days ago
Desmond Moulton Desmond Moulton 7 8 days Jump to last post
CASHFLOW | Triplex in Philadelphia
Michele W Mcwhorter Last post by Michele W Mcwhorter, 9 days ago
Michele W Mcwhorter Michele W Mcwhorter 6 9 days Jump to last post
Cleveland Ohio 3Family (rare 2% rule) $1380 total rent roll 55K
Vincent Morales Last post by Vincent Morales, 9 days ago
Vincent Morales Vincent Morales 10 9 days Jump to last post
Contract on a Triplex in Birmingham AL
Jeremy Galloway Last post by Jeremy Galloway, 9 days ago
Jeremy Galloway Jeremy Galloway 0 9 days Jump to last post
Newark New Jersey 3 Family
Chris Daliani Last post by Chris Daliani, 14 days ago
Chris Daliani Chris Daliani 5 14 days Jump to last post
33% Below Market Value TRIPLEX. 12% Rental Returns In Valley Oaks
Brian Hatcher Last post by Brian Hatcher, 15 days ago
Brian Hatcher Brian Hatcher 3 15 days Jump to last post
Triplex for sale in Seattle
Tamara Glass Last post by Tamara Glass, 17 days ago
Tamara Glass Tamara Glass 2 17 days Jump to last post
Cashflow Heavy Triplex
James B. Last post by James B., 19 days ago
James B. James B. 2 19 days Jump to last post
Gabe Paolella Last post by Gabe Paolella, 20 days ago
Gabe Paolella Gabe Paolella 0 20 days Jump to last post
3 Unit in Manchester, NH | FOR SALE| $289,999
Matt Lefebvre Last post by Matt Lefebvre, 20 days ago
Matt Lefebvre Matt Lefebvre 0 20 days Jump to last post
3 unit Triplex only one unit needs renovating
Cody DeLong Last post by Cody DeLong, 22 days ago
Cody DeLong Cody DeLong 1 22 days Jump to last post
Fully occupied, well maintained triplex in Milwaukie, Oregon.
Bill Horton Last post by Bill Horton, 26 days ago
Bill Horton Bill Horton 4 26 days Jump to last post
Jesus Yinh Last post by Jesus Yinh, 27 days ago
Jesus Yinh Jesus Yinh 0 27 days Jump to last post
3 Units Multifamily Jersey City (JSQ) Property - Great Investment
Lakhwinder SIngh Last post by Lakhwinder SIngh, 27 days ago
Lakhwinder SIngh Lakhwinder SIngh 3 27 days Jump to last post
Just Listed! Off Market Denver Tri-Plex!
Brad Uhlig Last post by Brad Uhlig, 28 days ago
Brad Uhlig Brad Uhlig 1 28 days Jump to last post
3 Family - Walk to NYC train/Bus. Top Rated schools.
Ralph H. Last post by Ralph H., 29 days ago
Ralph H. Ralph H. 0 29 days Jump to last post
John Elliott Last post by John Elliott, 30 days ago
John Elliott John Elliott 4 30 days Jump to last post
SOLD!!!!!!100% OCC Duplex +SFR Packge / Rent $1835 / 20% Cap
Ryan Longley Last post by Ryan Longley, 30 days ago
Ryan Longley Ryan Longley 1 30 days Jump to last post

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