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Triplex Walk to Midtown Direct Train
William Beck Last post by William Beck, about 17 hours ago
William Beck William Beck 0 about 17 hours Jump to last post
Solid 2Unit building with Lots of Equity and Cashflow Potential
Erik Biatti Last post by Erik Biatti, about 17 hours ago
Erik Biatti Erik Biatti 0 about 17 hours Jump to last post
Worcester, MA 3 family
Shai Dror Last post by Shai Dror, 3 days ago
Shai Dror Shai Dror 1 3 days Jump to last post
Birmingham Triplex (Fixer-upper)
Anastasia Jordan Last post by Anastasia Jordan, 7 days ago
Anastasia Jordan Anastasia Jordan 0 7 days Jump to last post
Three family for sale in Manchester. Great deal!
John D. Last post by John D., 7 days ago
John D. John D. 5 7 days Jump to last post
Off Market 3 structure Triplex in Coral Gables, 10 cap potential
Gregory Avalone Last post by Gregory Avalone, 8 days ago
Gregory Avalone Gregory Avalone 0 8 days Jump to last post
Kansas City, Missouri Triplex for sale- (Blue Springs Schools)
Brock Thomas Last post by Brock Thomas, 8 days ago
Brock Thomas Brock Thomas 0 8 days Jump to last post
Historic Triplex - Coming Soon 17% Cap Rate
Oren Markowitz Last post by Oren Markowitz, 9 days ago
Oren Markowitz Oren Markowitz 7 9 days Jump to last post
6/3 Triplex (need full Rehab)..Mins from Mercedes Benz Stadium
Kareem Wyatt Last post by Kareem Wyatt, 9 days ago
Kareem Wyatt Kareem Wyatt 0 9 days Jump to last post
Shawn Ackerman Last post by Shawn Ackerman, 11 days ago
Shawn Ackerman Shawn Ackerman 7 11 days Jump to last post
Great Cashflowing Triplex in Solid neighborhood
David Zheng Last post by David Zheng, 13 days ago
David Zheng David Zheng 8 13 days Jump to last post
Kansas City Metro value add (Leavenworth) $12k under appraisal
Austin Fruechting Last post by Austin Fruechting, 16 days ago
Austin Fruechting Austin Fruechting 1 16 days Jump to last post
Triplex in Delaware County, PA - DELCO - 10%Cap
Amy Fowler Last post by Amy Fowler, 16 days ago
Amy Fowler Amy Fowler 1 16 days Jump to last post
Turn-Key Davenport Triplex
Eric Reed Last post by Eric Reed, 17 days ago
Eric Reed Eric Reed 3 17 days Jump to last post
Jumbo 3 unit - 12.5Cap Auburn/Gresham
Zach Shuta Last post by Zach Shuta, 20 days ago
Zach Shuta Zach Shuta 0 20 days Jump to last post
Fitchburg, Leominster, Central MA Investor Package
Brunno Goncalves Last post by Brunno Goncalves, 22 days ago
Brunno Goncalves Brunno Goncalves 10 22 days Jump to last post
Marco Morales Last post by Marco Morales, 26 days ago
Marco Morales Marco Morales 2 26 days Jump to last post
Hot Off Market Jersey City
Pini M. Last post by Pini M., 26 days ago
Pini M. Pini M. 2 26 days Jump to last post
This Tri-plex is priced to sell, must see opportunity.
Scott W lamb Last post by Scott W lamb, 27 days ago
Scott W lamb Scott W lamb 2 27 days Jump to last post
Newer Triplex in Cleveland OH. B+ AREA. Fully occupied. BRICK!
Federico Gutierrez Last post by Federico Gutierrez, 29 days ago
Federico Gutierrez Federico Gutierrez 0 29 days Jump to last post
Cleveland West side TriPlex for sale! $60,000
Celu Ramasamy Last post by Celu Ramasamy, 30 days ago
Celu Ramasamy Celu Ramasamy 8 30 days Jump to last post
2 property bundle (3 total units) - Chicago, IL - Dan Ryan & 75th
Ashley Carter Last post by Ashley Carter, about 1 month ago
Ashley Carter Ashley Carter 4 about 1 month Jump to last post
Off Market 3 Unit Income Property Mt Clemens Michigan Not Detroit
Dylan Tanaka Last post by Dylan Tanaka, about 1 month ago
Dylan Tanaka Dylan Tanaka 5 about 1 month Jump to last post
Samantha Barnes Last post by Samantha Barnes, about 1 month ago
Samantha Barnes Samantha Barnes 2 about 1 month Jump to last post
West Cleveland tri plex - proven money maker!
Jean Long Che Last post by Jean Long Che, about 1 month ago
Jean Long Che Jean Long Che 7 about 1 month Jump to last post