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Best St. Petersburg DSCR Loans: Easy Street Capital - DSCR Rates Starting at 5.99%!

Robin Simon#1 Classifieds Contributor
  • Lender
  • Austin, TX
Posted May 14 2024, 06:54

Why is Easy Street Capital the BEST DSCR Lender for real estate investors in St. Petersburg, Florida?!

👉EASY Qualification!

âś…No DTI (Debt-To-Income) Requirement
âś…No Tax Returns Required
âś…No Income Verification

👉Flexible Structure

âś… Borrow through an LLC, individually or with Partners
âś…Invest in High-End Properties, >5X higher limits vs. conventional ($3.5M vs. $647k 2022 max loan amount)
âś…No Concentration Limits (Conventional - Freddie/Fannie - hard limit at 10 loans)

👉Industry Leading Rates and Terms

âś…Rates Starting at 5.99%
âś…30-Year Fixed Rate Terms (10 Years Interest Only Available)
âś…Multifamily and Mixed Use up to 10 units

👉Most Aggressive Min/Max Metrics

âś…No Minimum DSCR (sub 1.00x OK)
âś…620 Minimum FICO
âś…Up to 80.0% LTV

👉BEST for Short Term Rental Investors

âś… Qualify with AirDNA Projections
âś…Up to 80.0% LTVs (only 20% down on purchases)
âś…Tertiary / Vacation Markets OK

👉BEST for BRRRR Investors

âś… Close in 48 Hours no Appraisal Required (beat Cash Offers)
âś… Up to 100% of your investment returned in as little as 3 months
âś…Refinance 70% of ARV (3-6 months) or 75% of ARV (6+ months)

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