Brand New KC Triplex and Duplex Properties

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I am working with a builder directly and we are selling brand new construction duplex and triplex properties located in Kansas City. These are class A properties located in a class A area. There are currently 4 triplex properties built in one neighborhood that are occupied. 

We have a total of 28 triplex and duplex properties available for purchase. The duplex is $265,000 and the triplex $390,000. Each have garages. The duplex will rent for $2,790/month and the triplex for $3,935/month. Each will provide excellent cash flow and appreciation. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

I forgot to mention that the builder is paying $3,500 in closing costs on the duplex's, and $5,000 for the triplex's. 

@Aristotle Kumpis  I'm not interested in purchasing, but I would like to maybe connect with your builder. I've got some platted land in our family in Shawnee, Kansas (suburb of KC) that would be great to build duplexes/triplexes on. Lot next to us has put several in. I'm a real estate agent and own a property management company in the area. Would be very interested to see if there is anyway to work with a builder to generate some income with the land. 

Thanks Chris. But at the moment, they are not looking to purchase more land. 

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