I have been very busy as of lately due to I am wholesaling , rehabbing 5 deals and plan to pick up 4 rentals this year. However I have a time slot opened up where you can pick my brain! It will be on a Friday night either 1/9 or 1/23. Basically you will Drive MY CAR or ride with me to put out signs. SO Basically I will drive and we both jump out to put out signs. OR You can drive my CAR and I hop out to put out signs. It normally takes me 3 hours to put out signs.  If we start at 9pm or 10pm we can be done with in 3 hours . I only put signs out at night. THIS IS A OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO GET INSIGHT FROM A REAL INVESTOR WHO IS ACTUALLY OUT THEIR.  I get alot of people wanting my phone number however I dont share it because I have been very busy. Alot of people want to take me to lunch but unfortunately I have had to turn some down.  So if you are in CHARLOTTE and interested please  PM me or email me [email protected] this is FOR 1 PERSON.