5-Year Guarantee On 10% Down Owner Finance Virginia Townhouse: Positive Cash Flow!

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  • 72 Pinnacle Drive, Lexington VA
  • $189900 purchase price (will not discount)
  • Property information here: 72 Pinnacle
  • 10% down non-recourse owner financing available, 30-year amortization
  • $1481 yearly expenses (est. insurance, taxes, HOA) to be paid by Purchaser
  • Positive cash flow after debt service and all Purchaser-paid expenses with 10% down payment
  • All rental income, maintenance, turnover, builder's warranty, property management, etc. expenses are guaranteed by Seller for 5 years (capped at 8% of purchase price)
  • Seller is 20-year veteran developer/builder in Virginia with $100M in assets
  • Many other properties available, this is the best cash flowing unit in the remaining package ($20M sold to investors so far)

Call Jeremy Vogan at 540 487 0480 or email [email protected] for details and sample contracts.

This is not a scam or low-quality product offering. These are premium properties commanding top rents in markets we are building in, and is a great appreciation opportunity.

Jeremy Vogan

Project Manager

Countryside Service Company, LC

28 Imperial Drive

Staunton, VA 24401

Updated over 4 years ago

Good catch by fellow investor! Expenses on this particular property are $1881/month, not $1481. Thanks Ciro! JV

This property is sold now


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