Great property great location. Looking for cash buyers to take advantage of a great opportunity from a motivated seller. Must be able to close quickly.  Asking 105k.  This deal needs to be locked in and ready to settle ASAP.  Great comps tons of new construction a true gem. Property is currently 840 sq ft.  ARV is based on increasing square footage to 1400 sq ft which commands top value. 

1110 North Street , Philadelphia , PA 19123

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

This is truly a gem of a discovery! Located in the vastly

developing Springs Arts area, blocks from Center City and

Northern Liberties. The median home value is $321,600 an

increase of 14.4% over the past year with analysts predicting

they will rise 6.2% within the next year.

ARV- $330,000.00

Purchase Price-    $106,300.00

Financial Summary for Flipper

Purchase Price      ($106,300.00)

Purchase Closing Costs      ($2,200.00

Total     ( $108,500.00)

Total Rehab Costs      ($134,000.00)

Monthly Holding Costs      ($1,750.00)

Total Days Held    180

Total        ($10,500.00)

After Repair Value    $330,000.00

All Selling Closing Costs ($1,500.00)

Real Estate Agent Fees ($16,500.00)

Total Profit for Flip $59,000.00

Return on Investment for Flip*





*Based on no loans or leverage

Flip Hypothetical Profit If Held For...

45 Days - 66,875.00

90 Days - 64250.00

270 Days- 53,750.00