TownHome Complex Available in Houston Texas

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Portfolio available in Houston Texas at 98% occupancy rate.

Basic info below, please contact me for more information.  

Gross Rents:

$110,600 per month


1. Property Tax: $11,700/month

2. Water Bill: $6000 / month

3. Management: $5000 / month

4. Maintenance: $2000 / month

5. Lawn Care: $1500/ month

6. Trash/Garbage: $500/ month

(26) 2/2/2 1,150sf to 1,200sf Market Value: $140,000 per unit = $3,640,000.00

(71) 3/3/3 1,300st to 1,500st Market Value: $166,000 per unit = $11,786,000.00

Valued at: $15,426,000.00

Asking Price: $12,493,000.00

It is like you are getting the other 25 Units for FREE!!

Plus they kick back $1,327,200.00 a year in GROSS RENTS

You could look at selling off the 2/2's for capital, lowering the operating expenses, infusing capital.

Let me know if you are interested in more information!!!

I don't see an insurance and/or HOA fee.

Originally posted by @Sharon Tzib :

I don't see an insurance and/or HOA fee.

 Hey Sharon - Insurance rates are going to be highly subjective to the person's credit rating, so the seller isn't making any suggestions on this to us.

There are not HOA Fees however, the perspective Buyer of the units could be able to sell the units off individually as they are held in Fee Simple status and have their own "personal" Houston address; then, set up an HOA for a small passive income.

If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to answer them, you can email us at [email protected] and we can send the NDNC form to get the complete packet and location information.

have a great night!


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