Brandon: here's what I want/need

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My goal: Have 300k in passive income asset like R/E, stocks etc by 2020. 

Location: Rowland Heights, Los Angeles county, California.(AKA the Asian colony)

Current status:Partnered with a friend on a cheap 30k down rental property in another state in October. In process of Refi that one to get another property with him. 

My need:I need extra income through Wholesaling/Subject to Financing. 

Brandon Turner suggested people posting their needs to the Marketplace so here I am.

Can someone help with my need/goal?


If you are able to get your properties at between 25-30% under current market value I can possibly offer you a no money down funding structure.  The only out of pocket cost would be for the appraisal.  Feel free to reach out to me directly via PM or email [email protected]


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