tenant occupied rental property for sale - Jacksonville, FL

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Great buy and hold investment:

I own a property in Jacksonville, FL which is tenant occupied and I would like to sell. There is over a year left on the lease. Here are the details:

13640 Devan Lee Dr E

Jacksonville, FL 32226

4 Bedroom/3 full bath, premium lot on lake, neighborhood pool

2300-2400 sq ft

HOA fee $430 year

Property Tax 2014 $3148

Current rent is $1400

CMA puts the property around $210K fair market value. Please contact me if interested.

Thank you!

Angie McDaniel

Hi Angie,

I am very interested in your property for sale.  Please provide me any additional information you may have (ie. A,B,C neighborhood, on time paying tenant, will you consider seller carry back, etc.)  Thank you.

Hi Michelle,

The property is in Victoria Lakes. Yes, the tenant pays on time. We have had the house since it was built in 2004, have a great property manager and have never had any vacancy. We aren't interested in seller carry back. We need to sell because we need to make another real estate investment with the funds.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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