Even if you aren't interested in the property that I am selling, this post may help inspire your creativity for future investments.

Low income investment property.        1 bedroom 1 bathroom.      North Linden Area of
                                                                                                         Columbus, OH

Purchase price: $12,000 cash
$15,000 with $1,000 down (Lease option with ability to sub-lease)
$15,000 with $3,000 down (Private mortgage with ability to wrap)

I'm the property owner, so you don't have to deal with middlemen, and you know you're getting the lowest price possible on this one.

My previous strategies with this property have been: Lease/Option and Land Contract.
The strategies that I suggest with this property are: Lease/Option, Land Contract, or Private Note.   (If I owner finance this property, I will give the ability to sub-lease or wrap the mortgage)  

The story: 
I've had 2 tenant/buyers in this property since 2012.  I put together a creative strategy to allow the tenant/buyers to get into the property with very little down, and freedom to position their selves to make money during their contract term.  Great terms equal a higher cash flow. Everything went well for the first 2 tenants... then comes tenant 3... a friend of a family member who needed helped out.  Taking this long story and making it short, tenant is moving, property needs minor repairs, and you can take advantage of a great opportunity to make a cash-on-cash return in 1 year or less if you do it right.  

Why I'm Selling:
Even though there is great cash flow potential again, I have other projects of which require my sole attention.  I would rather have an occupied property or completely eliminate the liability in order to not have my focus drawn away from my other projects.

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