Investment partner wanted or $150,000 with great terms or BOTH!

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Looking for an investment partner for reasonable financing for new buy and hold deals. What is reasonable? A loan against stabilized rental property single family homes in town, with a senior mortgage. Since I already have "skin" in the game 100% would be nice, just think in three years that would be an 85% LTV! If you want 18% for 90 days let's not waste one another's time. If you want upfront fees don't bother responding. I only work with brokers that can deliver. Actually I don’t really want a loan what I want is an investment partner that thinks like I do that wants to make a great return and have a lot fun doing it. If you only want to invest then you should know that everything I do is done through a lawyer and escrow. The deal could be monthly payments of say 8%/year, a balloon in 3 years and an added profit kicker at the end, which could raise your return to around 15% or even higher! I have one deal now that will net you 21% today. Perhaps some Real Estate we can sell and split the profit 50/50. There are a lot of ways that we can make this work.

I am open to rent sharing, as long as you are open to sharing in the overhead costs, but don't expect monthly payments and rent sharing and points and profit. I need $150,000, but if we can work together we can turn that same money around until we do $2.25 million in rentals or much more. Frankly, if I could find the right investment partner match we could do 500 units; my friend in Philadelphia has already accomplished this. The exit strategy is a community bank that will provide a commitment letter agreeing to fund 3/1 or 5/1 after milestones are met. I have a portfolio lender right now that will do this. In fact we could make the deal subject to that written bank commitment, to show you that this is a safe investment. I've done over 100 properties. If I don't meet the milestones then you will own some really nice rental properties. I have never had a deal go "south". Let's do some business and get creative instead of the LTV and ARV nonsense trap. If you can't think don't bother contacting me. I have always made my partners money. Frankly I need an investment partner; I really don't want a loan, if you lived in the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area that would be better. If you want to know more contact Mick at [email protected]


Are you purchasing your rental properties at market value or at a discount of market value? If you are purchasing them at a discount I may be able to provide a debt structure in the 7.5% range I/O with no money down except for an appraisal. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you might be interested. You can also email me as well at [email protected]


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