Cash Buyer Looking for a Fix-n-Flip in Chicago!

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They say there is more money than deals.

I'm looking for a SFH, ideally a 3/2 brick ranch on the Northside of Chicago or North and West Suburbs. Must be a nice area. It'd be my first flip, so I'm looking for something that does not need extensive work (no gut rehabs). I'd also be open to flipping a townhome or condo.

The numbers must make sense, but I am flexible as far as all-in costs.

I've been looking for awhile and it seems true deals are few and far between that match my specific criteria. Feel free to shoot me an email (in my signature) if you think you have something that hits my criteria. Shoot me a deal, Chicagoland!

Hi Daniel,

I actually deal with Cook county. I use to sell a lot over there but have slowed up a little bit. I do, however, have some deals coming up in West and North Chicago. 

I'll let you know when the ink is dried on our end. 

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