I coach real estate investors in cash or terms offers to home sellers.

I like expired listings.

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How I work:

1. I charge an upfront fee of $7000 for 12 months 1 on 1.  I know that is alot.  But you get 100 hours of my time.

2. I guarantee that you will recoup that $7000 in profits or I will return your money, you must talk to sellers and buyers and do as instructed.  There is a written guarantee.

3. I help you find a lawyer that take my contracts and make them legal for your state.  I talk to the lawyer for you.

4. I help you close deals.  I get on the phone with your initial sellers and help close the ones that you think need help.

5. Deal Splits: I do not do deal splits.   You keep 100% of all profits.

6. You get me, not my assistant.

The kind of person that does well with this kind of 1 on 1:

- organized

- laser focused

- wants profitability fast

- can sell and negotiate 

- can hustle and network

- wants $10K a month or more

- has the $7K now and $2K for marketing start up

- I focus on expired listings, landlords, fsbos and more.

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Best of luck!

Brian Gibbons

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