Principals only - Commercial Marina Property, CA

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OM82. Commercial Marina Property, CA, Appraised Value: $34M

The aria’s priary busiess is to provide to our customers a full service marina, which includes boat launching and other access services (travel lift, etc.), required boat inspections, slip rental, seasonal indoor/outdoor boat & trailer storage, gas & other retail services, boat washes and maintenance repair/ seasonal services for boats. Currently the marina has 343 slips, inside storage to accommodate over 60 boats and outside storage with a capacity of 140 boats. Trailer storage capacity is 200. In addition as of March, 2012, the CTC has approved an additional 400 dry dock slips for the parcel of land adjacent to existing storage. The marina was valued in excess of $34 million with annual income exceeding $4,000,000. 

More information will be disclosed after signed NDA, Seller pays commission.  

Please contact us at 216-367-5690

Email address: [email protected]

4204 Detroit Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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