Ben Leybovich Featured at Sacramento REI Summit Feb 27th

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Don't miss your chance to Ask Ben Why in person.

The 2016 REI Summit at the Guild Theater will be here February 27th

Sign up HERE so you can be first to get a ticket. This event is sure to sell out.

No - not featured. That's too much fanfare for me considering who else will be there! Just happy to be there to translate for my friend @Brian Burke  He does just fine speaking to hedge funds, family funds, and RE CEOs, but us normal folk...I will translate :)

OK  All - to join the email list click HERE

Sacramento MeetUP for more info

This is getting exciting.

When you attend the Summit, you'll be able to sit in sections according to interest. If you want to meet note investors, you'll can set in the note investor section. Get it?

This is one of the innovations we're implementing to help you quickly build helpful relationships.

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