REI Summit Featuring Brian Burke

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Wow,  @Al Williamson - what began as an intimate club performance over lunch has turned into arena rock with @Brian Burke pulling a double set.

Is that machiavellian Duke of Doom / Curmudgeon of Controversy, @Ben Leybovich, still the opening act?

@Ben Leybovich

Don't fret ... as thoroughly tempted as I am with @Al Williamson 's offer, I have to take my son to see his grandparents for his birthday that weekend.

I am sure Brian can keep you would sufficiently on his own.

Updated almost 4 years ago

That last line should read: "I am sure Brian can keep you wound sufficiently on his own." Once again a victim of the semiautonomous autocorrect feature on my phone.

Well played, @Roy N. .  It was pretty cruel of @Al Williamson to threaten to seat you next to @Ben Leybovich .  But Ben thinks I'm sitting on the other side of him?  I'm sending a body double...

On a serious note, I commend Al for his ability to organize a first-class event.  I'm proud to be a part of it and humbled by the invitation.  

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