Bi Lingual Investor

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Looking for a Bi-Lingual investor to market to Hispanic, Indian, and Asian demographic and also market overseas. Minimum of 6 months experience necessary.  Investor will be responsible for sourcing leads, taking calls from this demographic, getting agreements signed, and preparing offers. You will be paid 10% of profits from the deal closed. This is basically an Acquisition Manager for overseas clients and natives who speak your tongue. 

This is a side deal to whatever you are working on -if you have a deal and its 65% ARV including rehab I would look to fund it and split profits 50/50.

India, Asia, China, New Delhi, Espanol, Spanish, Beijing, Mandarin, Chinese, South America, Brazil, Phoenix, Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York.   

Job Posting Details

  • Remote position: yes
  • Company: Ashrei Investment Group, LLC.
  • Experience: 6 mos.
  • Skills: Communication/Marketing
  • Benefits: $50,000-$70,000
  • How to apply: Send Resume to [email protected]
  • Part time
  • Full time
  • Contract time

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