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I have a great Rehab/flip opportunity that I will need adequate funding for. This deal is located in Washington DC, with awesome numbers surrounding the property. The numbers are as follows : Purchase price : 260k


ARV: 425K

Total loan amount: 310k

I will guarantee 15% on the loan upon resale. 

contact me at : [email protected]  for more details or questions

I haven't seen a DC property with at below 100k rehab cost.  Most of these homes are built in the early 1900's.  I would like to see a rehab estimate and the property address to look into this further.  

Yeah there is very little that can be done with $50k.  Ive seen a few rehabs cheaper than the $100k price point @Shayne Brescia mentioned...but not a lot, and not that much below.  The cheaper rehabs Ive seen have been at the $80k price point, and that is on smaller properties (Think Ft Totten, Riggs Park, Brentwood) that are in move in condition for some people, but just not updated.

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