Attention Jacksonville Wholesalers

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JAX Wholesalers,

My wife and I have a small time REI company and are looking for more properties to add to the portfolio or to flip. Our focus is long flips with a few B+H scattered in. Here are our criteria:

-3/1 minimum

-Room to forcibly appreciate and realize a minimum of 25k in equity or 20k profit on a flip.

-These zipcodes: 32250, 32233, 32266, 32225, 32224, 32246, 32277, 32207, 32211, 32205 & 32210 (near or in riverside or in Murray Hill)

We would prefer to pick up duplexes or quads but they are tough to come by. We have a good amount of liquid capital and will close with cash when appropriate. Seller financing deals are always welcome.

If you have access to the mls or can navigate to the property appraisers website and lookup the following properties you will be able to tell we are legitimate investors.

1438 Cove Landing, 32233

1375 Pink Panther, 32225

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Please send anything that meets the above criteria to [email protected].

Blair Greenlaw

Vice President

Board and Bloom Restorations, INC

Aiming to improve lives locally and globally through Real Estate

We managed it ourselves. Over the years we have done a number of flips in different states and developed a ok process.  We are looking to expand the operation.  Cool to see you on BP.

Any wholesalers out there looking for a cash buyer?  I am still looking for a property that matches the criteria in my first post on this thread.  PM me if you have anything.

Blair G

I know this is an old thread, but are there any Jacksonville wholesalers out there? 

Cash buyer here. Please DM me and let me know what zip codes you're sourcing.


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