I am a real estate agent in South Florida / Fort Lauderdale area. I have invested in two rental properties so far and the return is good - but I see a huge opportunity to make higher ROI in the vacation rental market. AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com etc.

I live in a very high demand / high traffic area for vacationers and foreign visitors alike. We get a lot of South American and Caribbean visitors here all year round looking for good shopping in the US.

I've visited many properties that would be perfect for this vacation rental purpose - small single family homes, move in ready, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, under 1000 square feet. I look for no HOA and a good location by airports / highways / beaches and shopping. Homes that are smaller will save us on costs for cooling / cleaning / not to mention - purchasing.

Two I have found so far are perfect. Priced at $194,000 and $199,900. One in Hallandale Beach, and one in Hollywood, FL.

I am looking for investors who want to buy the property and furnishings and collect a significant return while I manage for a 12% property management fee. I will run this like a proper business - which is where many of the existing AirBnB's in the area truly fail. We need strong marketing - professional staging / photography and 3D virtual tours of the properties so vacationers out of state will be compelled to stay. Amazing reviews / professional cleaning services / lawn / cable internet / furniture - all is already in the budget. We could easily charge $95 a night - $2850 a month and increase to $120 ($3,600 a month) once we establish our listing.

If you are looking to invest in rental properties - but want to make more for your investment!! Give me a call or email and I will send you the numbers / listings. See the facts for yourself!

Kate Hayes - 954-881-4095. [email protected]