Need Direct Lender for Acquisition & Rehab or Retirement Homes

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Acadian Village at 824 Hospital Rd in New Roads, Louisiana,  is managed by our I.R.S. designated 501 ( C ) 3 non profit tax exempt organization.  Due to the large number of low income elderly and disable residing at Acadian, we are upgrading to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Specifications and staffing for Assisted Living.

Out of 16 Investor Market Place Ads 11 are from us in the Baton Rouge, La. area Market.  We would prefer a local Lender but open to deals with anyone Nationally for this investor friendly market here with a growing aging population.

"As-Is" Appraisal value of current 36 unit $750,000 with ARV 1.6 Million land and buildings. Expansion to 138 unit operating Assisted Living Facility value of 5.7 Million on long term fixed rate required.

Executive Summary, Sources and Use of Funds sent to you on Request

Call Alex: @ (225)238-3923 about becoming  A Friend of Supportive Housing as a Lender,  Private or Conventional

No Cash required to own $700,000 "As Is" if you have $50K Liquidity ($65K may be in a IRA or 401K) $250,000 net with no late pays on a mortgage within pass year, and have a Credit Score of 680 or above. ARV of your property will be $5 to 15 Million under our non-profit, tax exempt management model program

@Alex Hamilton , Are you looking for a lender to partner with on this project? Or are you looking to sell? Your last post confused me a little as it looks as if you are offering a property, not looking for financing. However, the first two posts appear to be something completely different as you listed this thread under "WANT" ad. If you're looking for a lender, I'd love to speak with you! Send me a PM to further discuss, and I'd love to hear more about the project.


Marty J

Mr. Johnson

"HIPCO" is Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing Development Organization.  We are developing "Acadian Supportive Housing Facilities" which are mixed use residential and retail sites which our members own in a Co-Op..  Many Members sell and/or  lease purchase arrangement on their units.  thus, we are offering property, and have members looking for Financing.  We deal with 
Direct Lenders.  NO BROKERS PLEASE.  Contact info is at

We are trying to out do our competitor here:, can you help as co-owner of a facility for low income frail elderly needing to move out on Nursing Homes into the family life setting of Acadian Supportive housing.

See how, as a Prospectus will be sent to you on request.. Individual Investor Stake Holders or Lenders only.  No Brokers Please are not in direct competition with the Pearl at Jamestown or any Phoenix Senior Living Community but, our Prospectus compares.  Send for yours, and join our Stakeholders in the best in vestment for building wealth today with 75 Million Baby Boomers headed for retirement.

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