Let's be honest...

If you don't know your lender program
options, how can you consistently do deals?

Not only that, how can you know that you
are getting the best rates, terms, and fees,
so you can make your deals more profitable?

To be very successful in real estate you
may need to work smarter. It's not enough
to guess on what type of lender you are trying
to work with and not knowing whether or not
your deal is really match for a specific lender
program is really a disadvantage.

So, the real question you should be asking
yourself is whether or not you are satisfied
with the results you've been getting or if you
want to do better in 2017.

That means, more deals funded and closed.

The types of resources available to real estate
investors have really changed over the past
several years. No longer does a real estate
investor have to settle for doing monotonous
searches to try to assemble information about
direct lenders. And, no longer do you have
to use "free databases" that are nothing more
than "blind searches" because they give you
little more than sketchy information about the
lender's loan program and leave you to do the
time consuming, "heavy lifting" of the information
yourself. A 'list of lenders" or a "list of search
results" on a search engine isn't worth much
because there's just not enough of the information
that you really need "up front" to decide if it
is worth pursuing. Now there are real estate investors
who settle for this because its "free" but I bet "dollars
to donuts" that these investors are not getting
their deals funded and closed. They are simply
going through the motions.

Whether you're just getting started in real estate
investing or you've been doing it for years,
you know that you need instant access to the
lender program information so you can match
your deals to the right lenders. The new Online
Database Edition of the Private Money Lenders
Source has changed the game.
Everything you
need to know about the top 300 direct lenders for
real estate investing is now right at your fingertips
and contacting a lender can be as simple as
one click. You can now access the database from
your desktop PC or Mac, your laptop, your iPhone
or Android, or your tablet or iPad. With your
internet connection the Private Money Lenders Source
goes with you, whether you're out looking at
a property, at home or at your office and you are
no longer limited to just one device.
Now you
have access from all of your internet connected

There is a reason why thousands of real estate
investors across the country have relied on the
Private Money Lenders Source since 2006
for lender program options--

It works.

"I just completed my first transaction using,
and I made 15000 which is less than my targeted.
At this point, I have spotted a deal with the
potential of a net of 80000 dollars or more
depending on the structure, and I would like to
use one of your techniques since I followed

your guide..."

"We have a deal that the lender is paying for
the property 100% and including another
$125K for rehab."


"Thank you, with the addition of your services,
I've never had so much confidence in the success
of my REI future."


"Thanks for the Lending Source--it has really
expanded my thinking as to what is possible
when using hard money."


"I like your services and it helps as a seasoned
real estate investors to have many options."


"I did order the lending list and wow, I am
impressed. There is nothing like this out there.
I'll never have to surf the internet again."


But nothing works unless you do.

Get INSTANT ACCESS Here (even right
from your mobile phone)--


Choosing to have the right resources is the
first step in getting more deals done.

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