Looking for Indiana Lender on weird situation

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So I have 2 duplexes on the same lot. Which is evidently a unique situation for most lenders. Most of my tried and true brick and mortar places around here will not lend on it because of that.  I know lenders will lend on it, but it takes more of an investment lender or bank that understands investments. 

Anyone have a lender that will work with this?

I have tried the local small guys, and the local credit unions to no avail. I can separate the lot for 2-3k, but really didn't want to do that if I didn't need to.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

@Upen Patel  I guess I should clarify on this deal that I am looking for a cash out refi, and not a short term loan. I might also sell it and would like to have someone to recommend to the future buyers who can handle this deal... Again, probably not a short term loan..

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