1.23 Acres Lot zoned commerical

Appraisial 4/1/2017 $725,000

Owe through owner financing $396,000

I have been trying to obtain a construction loan for a professional center on this lot.

Financing expires today on the lot. Only serious/aggressive inquiries for a Partner/Investor/Lender. 

Hate to lose this deal. Through me is the only way to get this lot at this price I have had this lot since last August. Its located in a huge mix use development Gateway Barrow County. I'm the last one left!

I will flip, sale or develop.

132 Gateway Lane

Bethlehem, Ga. 30620

Entire center appraised at $2,500,000

Cost Including land and carry $1,500,000 I will do this with a partner but have to close land now. Thanks in advance