We consistently outbid other flippers so connect with me and send your deals over. We analyze properties very quick to get an offer out right away, and can close with cash as quick as we can get clear title.

We'll look at anything, but our main focus is Single family homes $70k & up in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City, any kind of condition. Fire damage, foundation issues, etc. is all fine. Even empty lots. We've bought condos and townhomes too, but they're just not our preferred targets. Our preference is under $800k but we can take down luxury properties as well.

Are you a wholesaler looking to build your Las Vegas buyer list? Give us a shot to offer on your deals and you'll find out that you don't need to worry about building a list. We started out building a buyers list, shopping deals to all of them, and then narrowing it down to just a handful of the largest flippers that pay top dollar. We found ONE buyer that consistently offered more than everyone else and always performed, so we partnered up. You can benefit from all of our efforts by fast-tracking the process and working directly with us. We know we can beat the others because we witnessed the top competition's offers first hand.

You always have to be aware of all the "buyers" that just want to co-wholesale your deals but that is not us. We are an end buyer that will purchase the properties directly and don't need to to mark up your deals. You'll know because we'll use the same entity on all our contracts without being able to assign it. Don't let your deals get caught up in a daisy chain! (ask around - it happens often)

Feel free to reach out anytime.