New Real estate Investor in the Virginia Area

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I'm a brand new real estate investor seeking partners in the Virginia area to close on a first deal. I bring a mast spread of experience to the table being licensed by State farm to broker Homeowners/Renters insurance for your future purchases as well as Life/Health/Annuities licensed for your back end Estate Planning needs. Lets work together and help each other succeed financially. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Additionally, I have also attached some pictures of a current duplex that I found, but can't qualify for traditional funding through the banks and seek to buy and hold this property to catapult my real estate business. I would be more than happy to partner up on this deal and negotiate on fair terms. If you would like to partner on this recent deal, then feel free to reach out? Did I mention its beachfront property?!

Earn 8% on your money!! Complete and total renovation on a fantastic duplex. I currently have this property under contract with owner making additional repairs. Most recent improvements include new kitchens w/stainless steel appliances, new heat pumps, new carpet, new lighting fixtures, new paint, new windows, new baths. Previous income was $1850/month or $22,200 per year with both sides occupied. Tenants pay all utilities. Expenses are: $1815.84 property tax $758 hazard insurance $2111 flood insurance, unless paying with all cash then flood insurance can be avoided. $2400 landscaping $15,115.85/$189,000 = 8 Cap or 8% on your money. Unit A Vacant for easy showing or owner occupant. I already have a qualified tenant to move in to unit A if needed! My fee for securing this deal is $5,000. Additional photos in separate email following this.

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