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Abranova Real Estate, LLC is both a construction engineering and real estate investment firm. Run by a high-caliber, ivy-league trained management team, we leverage our experience in construction and data analytics to offer wealth-creation opportunities to our investors by handpicking and developing the most profitable real estate deals in the city. We specialize in both acquisitions and developments of residential and commercial real estate properties, including office spaces; multi-family complexes; single family home neighborhoods etc.

While we're currently focused on emerging southeastern US markets of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, we're out to lead the future of real estate investing. Our disruptive business model sets us up to enter even the most sophisticated real estate markets of New York, California and vibrant global cities like Dubai.

What makes us different?

We are not your average bank-loaned real estate developer who's clueless about construction. In fact, we're construction engineers with a penchant for data analytics. Not only are we turning the traditional bank-loaned real estate industry on its head through our fully integrated crowdfunding web platform, but we're also cutting every middleman in-between by deploying our cutting-edge construction management expertise directly to our projects. Leaving no stones unturned, we control every cent that goes into our projects while offering the best investment value and returns to our investors.

Our Mission Is To
  • Realize profitable real estate investment opportunities using Data Analytics.
  • Get-to-work with top engineers, market data analysts and technologists to control the entire value proposition.
  • Deliver excellent properties to the market while creating maximum value for our investors.