Capital to Deploy to Fund Flips in NJ - Offering 9-12% Interest

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Multiple flips available in North Jersey that we are looking for investor capital for to fund. Offering a 9-12% interest rate return for the capital while being fully secured with a first position mortgage in place. Investors will be secured at or below 65% of the properties value.

@Deron Taylor Thanks for reaching out. Most of our projects have a total cost of between $75,000-$150,000, which includes both the purchase and rehab. The min would be $25,000 per investor as we are trying to keep a min of investors per project to simply things. The capital will be fully secured by a first position mortgage recorded against the property as well. We would be looking for a 6-9 month term on these projects as most will turn over within 6 months. Funds will be sent directly to the title company's escrow account for closing. Draw reimbursements will be structured on these as well for the rehab monies. Those will be controlled by the title company or an attorney of choice. All of our projects would secure the funds at or below 65% of the properties future value. We have all the mortgage documents already templated and prepped. We have 8 properties right now we are looking to secure capital on that all range within that amount. We are a hard money lender as well but my equity group that holds our LOC considers funding my own deals as a conflict of interest. To date since February we have funded about $16M in loans with 0 delinquencies.

Tired of getting 3% or less on your money with no security your money is protected by a tangible asset.  Contact me if you want to earn 3x-4x that on your money in a more secured position.