house wanted with owner financing

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I am looking for a house or mobile home in their own lot . If you own a house free and clear and you want to sell with owner financing i am interested to buy a house it could be a fixerupper as long is livable i can put 5 to 10 % down on 100 k on the house thank you

Hello ,

I have a townhouse for sale in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m actually looking to unload about 4 properties. Priced from $65k - $165k. Three have tenants but I can deliver vacant if needed plus management is handled locally.

Provide contact information if interested.


Deron you are too far away from me if you were close I would be buying your properties virgina beach I heard is a great place the beaches are beautiful but I don't invest far from my back yard I want to stay local because I know mi market

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