The Landlord’s Guide to a Successful Business by Nancy Neville

$29.99 E-Book only

This book is written for Landlords everywhere. This book is full of colorful photos of damages tenants can do to you home and is a step by step process on how to setup your office and how to succeed as a landlord. Because I wanted it all to be in COLOR, I can only sell this book via an E-Book. Too huge a book as well.

The MCL Codes are for Michigan Landlords, but that's in the last chapter. Everything else pertains to common sense landlording and my experience as a landlord in the City of Detroit for 13 years. (my husband 30 years in the business).



Legal Disclaimer
Landlord Motto
Introduction – who is Nancy Neville
How the media views landlords and what this business is about
Know your area, cash flow, exit plan
State Laws, City Ordinances, Blight, C of O, and C of A
Office Setup
Role Responsibility
Business of Evictions and Damages and keeping your tenants long term
Screening your tenants
Open House
Application Form
Selecting a Tenant
Section 8 Tenants vs. Non Section 8 Tenants
Tenant Phase- Training your Tenants
Training Your Tenants
The advantage of a Written Lease Agreement
Signing the Lease – What you should bring
Co Signers .
The Lease Agreement
Landlord/Tenant Relationship
The Emotional Aspect of an Eviction
What is it like going to court?
Legal Forms Section
Special Documents Section
Letters Section
Tips Section
MCL Codes (Michigan Law) Section