Seeking a Massachusetts Lender

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Hi all,

I'm working with an agent in the Bristol county area of Massachusetts to find my first commercial deal in MA. I'm viewing small multi-family assets in the 5-10 unit range as well as different commercial properties (retail/office mainly) up to $1M. I have a few good prospects on deals, but have not partnered with a bank as of yet.

I'm looking for recommendations of lenders in the area that will be able to fund this deal and the subsequent deals I do in MA after. 

Appreciate any leads.



@Christopher Merola The most popular portfolio lenders in the area include Navigant Credit Union, Bank Newport and BayCoast Bank. 

I have presonally worked with Navigant and their mortgage process was seamless.

Most of the investors I work with day to day have had tremendous success with Bank Newport.

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