Earn 20-25% Interest Earnings on Your Funds - FULLY SECURED

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Investing in a 1st position mortgage while earning 20-25% on your money was never so easy! Message me if you are tired with traditional investments yielding 2-4% with no security attached.

@Marcel Galega   That is correct.  Each property has allocated capital from our investors that we have raised.  There is a first position mortgage we record for them to secure the capital to a specific property.  The rate of return is then given on the capital based upon the agreed upon interest rate.  Due to our ability to source properties well under market value it drastically decreases the exposure of the capital being at risk.  We have a large net profit min on each property so if there are surprises in the rehab, the properties can absorb the additional cost without impacting the investor's return.  All of our projects have a 6 month term on the mortgage and most turn over in 3-4 months.

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