Free direct mail gameplan, checklist, scripts

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Thinking of starting direct mail? I can send you a free game plan, checklist of things to prepare to increase your chances of success, scripts on how to talk to different types of sellers, free software to use for your real estate investing including CRM, templates for your direct mail, contracts, calculators, you name it.

Free. I've been helping many new wholesalers and flippers start or increase their deal flow. Just shoot me a message or email with where you're at in your education process and I'm happy to mentor.

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I'm interested in learning more.  I think we may have talked some time ago (last year or before), but I was just starting out and not ready to jump in.  Please let me know when we could talk.  Thanks!  


[email protected]

@Susan Parker

Roger that, I'll send you a game plan and let's chat on the phone :)

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